Jun 29 2011

Guest on Aluc.tv

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Over the weekend I had a chance to be a guest on the Aluc.TV podcast.  I’d heard Aluc’s name several times before, but it wasn’t until the last night of the FIRST conference in Vienna that I resolved to meet him.  A friend heard I was going to BSides Vienna the next morning and made a point of telling me I should meet Aluc.  I think the comment was something like “You should meet Aluc.  He’s …. interesting”.  With an introduction like that, how could I resist?  I talked to Aluc before and after his talk on social engineering and taking it beyond lying, his first public presentation since 1987.  He’s an interesting character and if he ever offers to show you some of his physical security moves, very politely pass.  If half of the things he says about his past are true, he’s a very dangerous man.

By the way, it was fun working with Aluc to get Jayson Street worked into a lather.  Not that it takes all that much to get Jayson worked up, but it’s still fun.

Aluc.TV Podcast

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