Jul 19 2011

Network Security Podcast, Episode 248

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Rich is away for a bit, so we’re joined by friend-of-the-show Josh Corman, who’s here to give his two cents on this week’s stories and talk about some upcoming events.

Incidentally, Martin and Josh are on a panel at B-Sides Las Vegas this year, entitled “Better to burn out than to fade away?”, and they’re conducting a survey about stress/burnout in the security industry. Please take five minutes to participate at http://svy.mk/omyUer

And on a *very* serious note, Diana Lewis, the wife of another friend-of-the-show, Dave Lewis, was recently diagnosed with leukemia. For more information about Diana, and how you can help her and others, see James Arlen’s post over at Liquidmatrix Security Digest.

Be sure to check out the BloodKode Challenge and the Be The Match registry drive at DEFCON, to help those like Diana and Ninja Networks’ BarKode (more information).

Network Security Podcast, Episode 248, July 19, 2011
Time:  35:49

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