Jul 27 2011

I’m moving to Akamai

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I don’t have time for a long post, but on the off chance you’re not a podcast listener and you’re not on twitter, I announced on the podcast last night that I am leaving my current role as a QSA at Verizon Business and I will be the newest Security Evangelist at Akamai.  I will be working with Mike Smith (aka @rybolov on twitter) for Josh Corman (aka @joshcorman) as the third member of the Security Intelligence team.  Or second, depending on how you look at it, since I was actually sent an offer letter before Josh.

I’m leaving a good company and crew behind at Verizon, but I’ve had enough of being a QSA.  It’s time to move onto something that involves the parts of security I’m passionate about; blogging, podcasting and generally arguing with anyone who has two ideas to rub together.  There will be some meetings and speaking engagements I’ll have to make as well, and I won’t be completely out of the PCI arena any time soon.  I’ll still be a subject matter expert on PCI, but I won’t be the one writing two hundred page reports anymore.  I will get to see a lot of the metadata about one third of the traffic flowing across the entire internet.

I agree with something Josh said in the podcast last night; Akamai is a company that can be an incredible pivot point in introducing greater security.  I’ve spoken several times about the tokenization at the edge solution and how it can improve credit card security.  Akamai announced a web application firewall solution last year, again pushing security measures closer to the edge.  I don’t even know the majority of the security services we offer, but I will in a few weeks.  And there will definitely be more coming in the future.

Bill Brenner was listening in on the Twitter stream and caught some of my tweets.

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  1. Markon 28 Jul 2011 at 7:19 am

    Good luck at Akamai, sounds like a great opportunity.

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