Aug 16 2011

Network Security Podcast, Episode 251

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It’s funny that we’re getting to upload episode 251 before uploading episode 250.  But given the chaos that was recording at Defcon in front of a hostile crowd, maybe it’s for the best.  And maybe ‘hostile’ isn’t the proper word for it, since they were very friendly, they just enjoyed throwing the Core Impact balls that were provided by Paul and Larry from PaulDotCom.  At us.  In any case, this week we do a wrap-up and recovery episode of the Network Security Podcast.  We also have an interview with two kids who attended Defcon Kids, Martin’s very own Spawn.  Why did they enjoy throwing balls even more than our loyal listeners?

Network Security Podcasdt, Episode 251, August 16, 2011
Time:  36:26

Tonight’s Music:  Cool Coffin Kids by Dark Torch Anthem

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