Aug 25 2011

Support Change at the ISC2

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I’ve been a CISSP for close to a decade now.  And in that time, I’ve never really been happy with the way the ISC2 represents themselves, with the way they promote the the certificate and the way they support the CISSP community.  Basically, it’s been my opinion that the primary goal of the ISC2 has been self-promotion and the gathering of more people who have 5 more letters after their name.  Promoting the community, furthering security, making the world a better place have always seemed like secondary goals at best.  They do perform some good deeds, like the Safe & Secure Online Program, but even that sometimes comes off as more a PR effort than a real attempt to improve the security of the world overall.  If you’ve ever read the CISSP mailing list (which you have to be a CISSP to do), you’ll notice that there’s been a lot of time spent complaining about the disconnect between everything the Board of the ISC2 does and what the community would really like to see done on our behalf.  My opinions on the leadership is probably part of why the ISC2 labeled a small group of people, including me, as the ‘Certified Usual Suspects’.  I even have the hat to prove it.

I’ve seen a few attempts at joining the ISC2 Board of Directors over the last few years, but unluckily I’ve never heard of most of the people who apply.  And to make matters worse, it’s incredibly difficult to get a seat on the Board unless you’re endorsed by current members of the Board.  So when I see someone I know of who’s preparing to take a run at the windmill again, I’m more than willing to help by putting my support behind them.  This year, Wim Remes is running for the Board and I’m going to support him and hope other CISSP’s will consider backing him as well.  I don’t know him personally, but given the interactions I’ve had with him on-line and the endorsements he’s already received from people I trust, I’m willing to take a chance.

Support Wim Remes by sending an e-mail from your e-mail address registered with ISC2 mentioning your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and CERTIFICATION NUMBER to

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  1. Undead Security / Vote for Wimon 26 Aug 2011 at 3:03 am

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  2. stephenon 31 Aug 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Martin, What is this CISSP mailing list?
    Where do I access/subscribe?

  3. Martinon 01 Sep 2011 at 5:04 am

    The CISSP mailing list used to be available through the ISC2 site, I haven’t looked at how to join the Yahoo group in years.

  4. Rolf Moultonon 04 Sep 2011 at 7:57 pm


    I am one of the four Independent Candidates trying to get onto the (ISC)² Election Ballot. My primary objectives are to protect and increase the value the CISSP and all the other (ISC)² certifications, and to improve the quality of education provided by (ISC)². As personal qualifications, I have served as (ISC)²’s President and CEO(interim) and as a Board Director. I have also been the CISO at two major companies and in government. Details about my plans and me are at

    I ask that (ISC)² Members (certificate holders) endorse my Petition to get onto the 2011 Election of Directors Ballot as an Independent Candidate. To endorse my petition please simply mailto: with the (ISC)² certificate/Member number and e-mail address of record.

    Thank you.


    Rolf Moulton, CISSP-ISSMP
    Independent Board Candidate


  5. Rolf Moultonon 05 Sep 2011 at 10:23 am

    In 2007 three Independent Candidates made it onto the Election of Directors Ballot. All three were elected and the Board was better because of the additions. Would be great to see all five independent candidates get onto the Ballot and four get elected to the available vacant spots. (I do have to admit to showing a bit favoritism towards Independent Candidates.)


    Rolf Moulton, CISSP-ISSMP
    Independent Board Candidate



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