Sep 05 2011

A story I’m only beginning to learn

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I’ve only been at Akamai a month, but I’ve already started to understand how special a person Daniel Lewin must have been.  Maybe not perfect, but definitely special.  His loss on September 11, 2001 rocked the company to its core, but it also inspired the people working there to be the best they can be in many ways.  And sometimes that’s the most important thing we can leave behind as our legacy, inspiration for the people we interacted with to be better. 

A lost spirit still inspires –

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One Response to “A story I’m only beginning to learn”

  1. Michaelon 15 Sep 2011 at 3:56 pm


    I was one of Akamai’s larger customers starting in 1999. Apple had contracted with them to host the movie previews after our own attempts to host them hadn’t worked out well. Dr. Leighton was our integration engineer and Daniel and I had exchanged a few mails about how Akamai might handle some of Apple’s upcoming needs.

    Daniel was bright and direct, two things I appreciated. The Akamai colleagues that I knew were noticeably upset by his loss and the implications for the company with him not being there.

    Enjoy Akamai. I have always admired the technology, the company and the people I worked with there. You’ve found a great place to work!


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