Oct 04 2011

Network Security Podcast, Episode 255

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Rich and Martin are around this week and managed to pull off a show despite oggling the new iPhone (okay, maybe that was just one of us). We talk about the big announcement from Securosis before jumping into the week’s security news. High drama, low comedy, and you know the rest…

Network Security Podcast, Episode 255, October 4, 2011
Time: 31:48

Show Notes:

Securosis launches the Nexus. Rich turns into a marketing creep.
Electronic voting machines easy to hack. Still.
Governments love chewing on the juicy data you leave with Google and other service providers.
More details from the security leaders survey. Really worth reading.
Martin managed to watch live congressional cybersecurity hearing. Foolish.
Rich and Martin discuss certificate pinning.
Tonight’s music:  Gold Rush by The Crazy Majority

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