Oct 22 2011

Open Tabs 10/22/11

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The problem with having a body clock that thinks it’s on the East Coast even when it’s not is that I’m up early no matter what day of the week it is.  I’d like to sleep in, but once thoughts of CDN’s and presentations start dancing in my head, it’s time to get up.  Which is okay, since there’s a lot to do this weekend before I head to Miami and Hacker Halted on Monday.  I’m going to be presenting with my good friend and former colleague, Mike Dahn.  Then it’s back home for a few days and off to BSides DFW for a completely different presentation.  The next trip after that is with the family, so the only commitments I’ll have is keeping the kids out of trouble.

Open Tabs

A couple late additions, since I’m waiting on the next cup of coffee to be ready:

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