Oct 23 2011

Open Tabs 10/23/11

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Yesterday was a very productive day, and I’m more than a bit proud of myself.  I’ve working from home for more than a few years now and I’ve gotten progressively bigger and bigger and in worse and worse shape.  I’ve been in worse shape than I am right now, but it’s been a downward trend recently, something I haven’t been doing enough to combat.  So I decided to quit researching stand up desks and make a prototype standup desk for myself, something i can use to decide if I want to invest in the wood to make something more polished and longer lasting.  With the help of my father in law, who actually has decent skills at woodworking, something I’m sorely lacking.  I’ll write up the desk in a week or two when I’ve had a chance to use it for more than a few hours.

Open Tabs 10/23/11

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