Oct 30 2011

Open tabs 10/30/11

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It was a good week.  I took off Monday for Miami and the Hacker Halted conference where I caught up with a number of friends and enjoyed some good talks.  George Kurtz from McAffee was very educational, first because of his subject matter, “Have we lost the war on Security”, but also because he’s a very polished and experienced presenter.  I haven’t done a ton of presenting and I appreciate any chance I can get to see someone who’s at the top of his game at it.  It also helped create minor twitter storm, which I also enjoy.  On day 2, I got to present with my friend, Mike Dahn, which went off extremely well if I do say so myself.  Mike and I don’t practice our presentation, but we’ve got a good back and forth between us that keeps the energy high.  And to top everything off, I got to have dinner at my favorite Cuban restaurant in Miami.  Which is not saying as much as you might think, since I’ve only eaten at a couple Cuban places in Miami.

Open tabs 10/30/11

  • Facebook is looking for a Security Outreach Program Manager – Not for me, but maybe someone who actually uses Facebook might be interested.
  • U.S. firm acknowledges Syria uses its gear to block web – Now they’re admitting it at least.  I have it on good authority that their software licensing is so poorly implemented Blue Coat really doesn’t have any idea where their systems end up.  Good excuse.
  • Dolphin HD browser snared in security breach – “We fixed it in the latest patch.  What?  That patch didn’t fix it?  The next one will, we promise!”
  • DSD wins US Cybersecurity Innovation award – They had me up until they said “Whitelisting”.  That’s a great idea that almost never works when it comes to the real world implementation.  Seriously, in nearly 15 years in the industry, I’ve never run into a fully implemented whitelisting program, or even a well run partial implementation. 
  • Online hackers threaten to expose cartel’s secrets – A member of Anonymous was kidnapped, so Anon replied by stating “Release him or we’ll release everything there is to know about you.”  Finally, a good use of the power of Anonymous.
  • Top foreclosure firm threw homeless themed Halloween bash – Not security related, but this is the most tasteless, reprehensible and disgusting example of a firm that puts greed first and to hell with anyone not able to defend themselves.   If these guys weren’t already undergoing several investigations, this would hopefully open a few.
  • Skype goes after reverse-engineering – I’m not certain this is an appropriate use of the DMCA, but I guess that’s part of why I’m not a lawyer.
  • My own wikipedia article – Thanks to the guy who started this Wikipedia page on me, even though a number of the ‘facts’ about me aren’t quite right.  I did correct a couple things, but in the spirit of ‘don’t write your own bio’, I’m trying to stay away from it and just seeing what happens. 
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