Nov 04 2011

Open Tabs 11/04/11

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It’s almost time to hop in the car and head for #BSidesDFW (I even think in hashtags some days) in about an hour.  I find it annoying that I have to leave the house about 3 hours before my flight to have any chance of making it, since it takes 90 minutes to get to the airport and about 45 minutes to get through the TSA checkpoint most of the time.  I was joking around on Twitter earlier this week and said I’d vote for the first Presidential candidate, Republican or Democrat, who promised to abolish the TSA; it turned out that Ron Paul had already made that promise, but we’ll see if he’s still slugging it out by the time the primaries roll around.  In any case, I need to get packed up and head out.  I’m going to try to get a few interviews at BSidesDFW for the podcast, since there are so many interesting people speaking tomorrow. 

Open Tabs 11/04/11:

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