Nov 08 2011

Open Tabs 11/08/11

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I had a great time at BSides DFW this weekend!  Michelle Klinger, Joseph Sokoly and the whole crew of volunteers who made the event happen did such an awesome job of putting it together and the Microsoft tech center was the perfect place to have it.  Not that Jayson Street didn’t make a few of the security guards nervous from time to time.  And the rest of us nervous when he thought no one was watching where he was thinking of getting into.  I gave the closing key note speech, which went well despite the fact I was as nervous as I think it’s possible for me to be.  It’s worth giving the talk again some time, after I’ve tightened it up and loosened up a bit myself.  Just remember to challenge all our current security wisdom.

Saturday was November 5th, Guy Faulkes day, and despite it being a high holiday for Anonymous, nothing much seems to have happened.  They did pop Adidas last week, but that was supposedly a prequel to their main event this weekend.  On a more positive note, Brad Smith is doing slightly better, though he is still comatose and has pnemonia.  If you can, spare a few dollars to help Brad and his wife pay for medical bills; if you can’t, keep him in your prayers.  Brad has helped a lot of people in the security community and it’s time to help him in return.

Open Tabs 11/08/11

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