Dec 05 2011

Open Tabs 12/5/11

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There’s this game called Skyrim that’s been taking up all my ‘free’ time.  The only thing that’s kept me from being completely sucked in is the fact that my eldest son keeps asking, “When is it my turn to play?”  That and the fact that my other half keeps bringing up Christmas and my commitments as far as decorating and present shopping go.  Tis the season to avoid the malls and spend time online shopping instead.  Speaking of which, my coworkers have a thing or two to say about the holiday shopping season, which is once again morphing into something bigger, yet different, than it was ten years ago.  I love working at a place that has so much access to data about what’s really happening on the Internet.  Hopefully you’ll hear more on that early next year.

Open Tabs 12/5/11:

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