Dec 12 2011

Open Tabs 12/12/11

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Usually I try to find the time to blog first thing in the morning, but today was way too busy to allow for anything nearly as relaxing as blogging.  I spent two days traveling to and from a client site last week and then two more days at the BayThreat conference, with only Sunday at home to relax and play Skyrim … I mean spend with the family.  BayThreat was a ton of fun; my co-worker Mike Smith gave a presentation called “Zerging is for Chumps” and another friend, Gillis Jones gave his first talk, “Show me the Money”, just to name a few.  It’s interesting to go to a convention where you can almost talk to every attendee if you put your mind to it.  And you know I gave it a pretty good try.  Anyway, I’m off for more flying around the country again this week and have a ton to do in the mean time, so this may be the only chance I get to post this week, other than the podcast.  Presuming I can get that done with Zach this week.

Open tabs, 12/12/11:

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