Mar 27 2012

Network Security Podcast, Episode 271

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Since Rich is on the road this week, Martin and Zach are joined by none other than friend of the podcast, Josh Corman.  Which is not that surprising, since there’s only one story we’re talking about tonight, the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report.  There’s a lot to talk about again in this year’s report, as well as a few things that left us scratching our head (cough *activists* cough).  Despite our minor criticism, the DBIR is once again a great report, though folks like Mandiant and Trustwave also turn out some pretty good reports as well. Oh, and as expected when Josh is on, we go a little long this week.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 271, March 27, 2011

Time:  46:35

Show Notes:

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