Apr 17 2012

Network Security Podcast, Episode 274

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The gang is scattered to the wind.  Rich is off at some random Margaritaville and Zach is pretending he has a real life and a new job or something.  So Martin called out the cavalry and is joined tonight by none other than Dave Lewis, aka Gattaca on twitter (I bet many of you didn’t realize he had a ‘normal’ name).  We talk a lot about privacy (go figure), the TSA (big surprise) and the difference between Canadian and Amercian veiwpoints on a few things.  A good time was had by all.  Or at least by Martin, which is what really matters.  And let’s not forget BSides Chicago coming up soon!

Network Security Podcast, Episode 274, April 17, 2012

Time:  30:00 (Exactly, which may be a first)

Show notes:

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