Jul 10 2012

Participating in Hacker Hug Bingo

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I’m still not sure how this got started.  I’m not even sure what the point is.  But in any case I’ve been volunteered for a spot on Hacker Hug Bingo at Black Hat, Defcon and BSides Las Vegas this year.  The point is for participants to meet some of the rogue’s gallery of security people on Twitter and get pictures of hugs with them.  This should be fun for people like @diami03, who’s a little shy to begin with and will be very leery about being hugged.  Which brings up one of the most important rules of the game, ask before getting a hug or taking a picture.  Being the perverse jerk I am, I provided the contest with a 25+ year old picture of myself.  Too bad there’s not a way you could find a better picture.  I’ll be around from Tuesday through Sunday, so please take a moment to introduce yourself before asking for a hug.  BTW, there are prizes of some sort.  BYOP*

*Bring Your Own Penguin!  It’ll make more sense if you read the bonus rules.
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