Aug 14 2012

Network Security Podcast, Episode 285

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This week we’re joined by Adrian Lane (Rich’s coworker, but it was Martin’s idea) to give us some more insight on his latest WAF research. The WAF situation is actually a lot more nuanced than the “sucks/wins” arguments we usually hear. And, as usual, we also discuss the latest security news (without Zach, who has a “job” that takes his “time” or something like that).

Network Security Podcast, Episode 285, August 14, 2012

Time: 41:16

Show notes:

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One Response to “Network Security Podcast, Episode 285”

  1. Nickon 23 Aug 2012 at 11:48 am

    WAF’s remind me of the “deep packet inspection” nonsense from yesteryear. Installing a WAF is not an excuse to ignore the gapping holes in your WebApp security (no matter what PCI-DSS says) but installing a WAF is also a good idea… It’s much like AntiVirus today, nobody really relies on it solely to protect users but everybody agrees it’s a necessary evil.

    I like to think of Firewalls, AntiVirus, WebApp Firewall’s, and similar protections as band-aids. Band-aids may help prevent infection but they aren’t working to solve the underlying problem. If your WebApp is insecure your WebApp is insecure. No amount of band-aids, duck-tape, super-glue, or magic bullets will solve that.


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