Oct 01 2012

Revealing a little about recent DDoS attacks

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It’s a bit frustrating sometimes, working for a company like Akamai.  When you hear stories about DDoS and other attacks on large institutions, we’re often involved in the mix somewhere, simply because we deliver so much of the Internet’s traffic.  But we long ago decided we don’t want to be sensationalist or ambulance chasers, we don’t want to reveal too much about specific customers and we don’t want to reveal too much of the secret sauce that allows us to protect our customers.  The result has been that it’s easier to let other people tell the stories rather then get involved in the conversation, even if we often know the person who was interviewed for an article knew very little about what’s actually going on.  Plus it’s been a little annoying to have to recuse myself from the discussion on the podcast when I can’t talk without revealing what I know about the story in question.

That being said, it’s been nice to be able to be a bit more active in some of the current stories that are happening on the Internet, especially for my teammate, Mike Smith.  Last week I was able to post about the recent SSL vulnerability tool (Take a Byte out of CRIME) and how it affects our company (not much, soon not at all).  But more importantly, Mike was able to write a post about the recent spate of DDoS attacks that have been in the news (Information, not Hope, is the Key to Surviving DDoS Attacks) and has been interviewed for a number of articles by news outlets (Bank attackers more sophisticated than typical hactivists, expert says and US Banks Hit by More than a Week of Cyberattacks).  There’s probably a few more to come out, but that’s a start.

It’s nice to have information that can be freely shared and is public about news stories.  Having to keep quiet about things like this is frustrating, especially since as part of my role at Akamai I’d like to do is sharing as much information about what’s happening on the Internet as is possible.  The fine line to walk is between being a source of valid information and being a media whore who just wants attention.  Though, as a blogger, it’s probably too late for me.

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