Mar 24 2013

NSP Microcast, RSAC2013: Bromium

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My second interview at RSAC 2013 was with Bromium CTO and founder, Simon Crosby.  I’ve been hearing about Bromium as the next big idea in security for a while now from people who should know (Like Rich) and I wanted to hear about it straight from the horses mouth.  The ideas behind Bromium are fundamentally different from many of the anti-malware tools (*cough*AV*cough*) we have available to us today.  Now to see if it’ll hold up to the attacks that will be coming against Bromium as it becomes more popular.

BTW, this interview breaks the ‘normal’ microcast format of 5-10 minutes.  But I think it was worth the extra time.

NSP Microcast, RSAC2013:  Bromium

Time:  17:41

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