Jun 01 2013

I’d forgotten why I write

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I’d forgotten why I write.

I don’t write just because I’m an attention monger or because I want to prove how smart I am.  I don’t write to promote myself or to promote others.  I don’t write to start arguments or rants.

I write because I have ideas banging around in my head and putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard forces me to organize the ideas in such a way that other people might be able to understand them as well.  I write because I want to test those ideas and see how they mesh with or challenge the ideas other people have.  I like the idea of the ‘slow hunch’ and hope that something I write will click just a little with something banging around in someone else’s head.  I write because I want to contribute back to the community I live and work in, in however small a way.

Luckily, I’m starting to remember why I write.

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2 Responses to “I’d forgotten why I write”

  1. MikeE.on 03 Jun 2013 at 4:02 am

    I’ve been in the systems/networking/security engineering field for a long time and I’ve always felt that writing things out helped me to better organize and understand whatever material or problem I was working on. I also have always felt that I learn more when I share ideas with my peers and get their feedback and input (when it is constructive). I follow a number of people through blogs, websites, google+, and twitter because there are a good number of security folks that share, and share a lot. It helps me stay abreast of developing situations, new thoughts, and a lot of technical material. You can’t get most of that in a one week class at some conference nor is some other teaching institution. Unfortunately, too many security people are of the mindset that you shouldn’t share anything.

    Thanks for writing and sharing, and by all means keep it up.

  2. karenon 03 Jun 2013 at 6:40 am

    This happened to be timely for me – writing is for others. thanks

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