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Jul 13 2013

Catching up on Snowden

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Between a two week stint in Bangkok, Thailand and making preparation for a huge move, I’ve barely had time to keep up with the stories coming out about Edward Snowden and governmental spying around the world, let alone blog about them. The travel situation isn’t getting any better, with a huge trip to Las Vegas coming up.  And the moving component of my life will get much worse before it get’s better.  Probably some time near the end of August.  So forgive me for pre-coffee

It seems that nearly every government is getting outed on charges similar to what the NSA and US government face, if people look hard enough.  I find it interesting to see people’s reactions as they confront the new reality of government surveillance.  If we, as an international community, have a conversation about the powers the government has claimed and what legal limitations there should be around them, maybe we can come up with something more sane than we currently have.   In the mean time, the press is having fun playing “Where’s Snowden now?”

Here’s a few of the stories I have had time to grab and read.

Now off to more packing and a garage sale.

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