May 01 2014

Thank you

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This week was the InfoSecurity Conference and BSides London, and along with them the EU Security Bloggers Meetup and Awards.  It was a good week to be in London, despite the Tube strikes, but the highlight obviously had to be Wednesday at the Meetup: we, the hosts of the Network Security Podcast, were recognized as the Best Security Podcast at the EU Security Bloggers Awards for 2014.  Thank you to the listeners who voted for us and the judges who selected our podcast as the winner!  I think I can speak for my cohosts when I say that we’re truly honored to be picked for this award.  All I had to do was move from California to the London area to make it happen.

When I started the Network Security Podcast in November of 2005, it was with a really cheap microphone and simple mission in mind.  I had a lot of opinions on the news in the information security industry; talking through them into a microphone was a good way to clarif2014-04-30 19.42.28y those opinions and share them with others.  When I enlisted the aid of Rich Mogull, it was to give me another person to discuss those opinions and have someone to expose the weaknesses in my logic.  Adding Zach Lanier to the mix brought someone with a much more technical background to the table.  We’ve continued podcasting so long because we enjoy the discussions and learning that a podcast creates.  But the most important thing that keeps us coming back again and again (though less often than before) is the feedback we get from listeners telling us that they’ve learned and enjoyed listening to the podcast.

The Network Security Podcast has never been something that we’ve done so we can earn an award or gain recognition, though those things never hurt a person’s ego.  We’ve done it because we enjoy having an excuse to get three people together on a semi-regular basis and hashing out a lot of the ideas we have circulating through our collective heads.  We use the stories that are happening to give us something to focus on, but it’s really the exchange of viewpoints that we value.  Equally important is the fact that other people in the security community find the interchange to be valuable and keep coming back episode after episode.  There aren’t too many events that we go to that someone doesn’t come up and say they’ve been a long term listener, something that happened to me at least five times at BSides London.

ZombieMartinBigThe EU Security Blogger Meetup and Awards couldn’t happen without the sponsors, especially Tripwire and Tenable, nor could it happen without the efforts of people like Jack Daniel, Brian Honan and Cindy Valladares (who’s responsible for the Zombie Martin picture to the left).  I’m sure there are a number of other people helping that I’m completely unaware of, and I’m sorry I can’t recognize them as well.  I’d like to congratulate the other winners of the EU Security Blogger awards.  It’s an amazing thing to be recognized not only by your audience but also by your peers and the people you respect.  I look forward to seeing everyone there again next year.

A closing thought:  the Network Security Podcast has been harder and harder to record since I moved to Europe.  Zach, Rich and I all have very hectic travel schedules and we haven’t been able to coordinate in order to record a show as often as we’d like.  While I don’t have any plans for the show to go away, we’re all aware that even going to an every two week publishing schedule hasn’t been as effective as we’d hoped and something has to change.  We don’t know exactly what that will be yet but we will let our listeners know as soon as possible.

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