Sep 04 2014

Congratulations, Rich

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Wow, it’s been seven years since Rich Mogull left Gartner and started Securosis.  I met him shortly before he took the leap, introduced by a mutual friend, Richard Stiennon.  I worked with Rich and a host of others to organize the first Security Bloggers Meetup at RSA, which is still going, and when I heard he was leaving Gartner, I invited him to participate in the Network Security Podcast with me, a partnership that lasted over six years.  He’s  a good person, a good friend, and someone I truly feel lucky to have met in the security community.

It’s interesting to see the progression any security professional makes in their career.  Many of us reach a certain level and seem to be content to rest there, while others never stop, never slow down and are never content with where they are now.  You can guess which of these two I believe Rich to be.  It’s heartening to see friends be successful, since one of the recurring themes in security is how we’re losing the war and burning out.  Seeing someone who’s still excited by their role, if not waking up in the morning, is a wonderful experience to behold.

Where were you seven years ago?  I was the security manager for a small company that had been in start-up mode for 12 years.  Now I’m living near London, working as Akamai’s Security Advocate for Europe and traveling the world over.  If I look at Rich as a benchmark, I feel a little inadequate sometimes.  But if I look at where I started versus where I am now, I’m happy, especially if I think about how much farther I can go.  I’m happy that my friends have been successful beyond my wildest dreams.

Congratulations on seven years of success to Rich Mogull and the rest of the team at Securosis.  You deserve the prosperity you’ve enjoyed over the years and I hope you have many, many more years of the same.  Just one thing:  Keep your pants on.

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One Response to “Congratulations, Rich”

  1. Paavanon 05 Sep 2014 at 4:23 am

    Nice read Martin. To answer your question, 7 years ago I was working for a great global security team at a Fortune 10 organisation on projects around vulnerability scanning and MSSPs. Not much has changed since in terms of how the security industry has evolved. I question whether the security problems will remain the same in the next 7-10 years. Users use bad passwords, breaches occur, malware propagates using smarter channels and attempts for better, more contextual threat intelligence continues. Audits, assessments, penetration testing and point solutions.

    I’m interested in finding how security industry can innovate and tackle these challenges for the next 7 years. Are there enough open source projects? Can there be new business models? When we look at innovation in compute, network, application architectures and storage, security is generally a bolt on – a laggard. Hence, the tweet Let’s talk!

    Thinking of a hangout/podcast on ‘Need for new business models in Security’. Ping me if interested.— Paavan (@98pm) September 5, 2014

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